Lenny Ladner For Congress

Seventh District of Tennessee

Libertarian Party Candidate

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In reality there really aren’t any real issues in this or any other race.

Issues such as, Abortion, Homeland Security, Obama-care, Common Core, Foreign Aid, Free Trade, Gun Control, Land Control, Mexican Trucks, North Korea, Iran, Illegal Ailen Children.  Serve as a smokescreen to increase the

Size, Cost, Reach and Power of the Government.  

The only issue is the continued growth in the size, cost, extending the reach and power of government.

The way the government grows is through little itsy bitsy teeny weenie increases in all the Federal Bureaucracies.
These Federal Agencies are all under the direct control of the President of the United States.

These agencies make their own rules, regulations, codes guidelines and standards.
They are not laws……..however they have the force of law when applied to that agency.

"Bureaucratic Dictatorship"

"Make The FDA Go Away"

What I propose to do is to cut off the money for any new funding for any of these agencies.

Now the other scam is the budget.

"Federal Budget"

These Congressmen vote to fund the bills they voted against.


Between 2008 and today nothing has changed.

The public debt has more zeros
The trade deficit has more zeros.
The federal government has more zeros,

I mean employees.


Now since you want my position on some specific things here they are.

Obama Care  It needs to be de-funded.  It is nothing more than a huge increase in the size, cost, reach and power of      government.

Common Core   It needs to be de-funded along with the entire Department of Education.  Say didn't the Republi-con's
promise us in 1984 that they would get rid of the Education Department???  Read the Education plank, They didn't follow through.

Gun Control  No gun control.  The Second Amendment is as written.

Abortion  The money needs to be cut off and the Tenth Amendment needs to be applied.

Agenda 21 This makes the US a gigantic prison.

United Nations 
We need to get out of it.  Have the House of Representatives cut off the money and it's dead.

NAFTA, GATT, “World Trade”  
 Nothing to do with trade but these treaties are a means of subverting the US bill of rights

and forcing us to harmonize our laws with those of our trading partners.

Fiscal Policy We need to cut back the funding for the Federal Government, pay off the bonds and go back to a stable currency.
Taxation  Balance the budget then figure how to pay for it.

Flat Tax.        “                    “    

Federal Reserve  Organized theft through inflation by a bunch of criminals  

Department of Homeland Security    It was never intended to protect US.  It protects them and should be considered a standing army under the direct control of the Executive Branch. It needs to be gotten rid of.

Obama  This clown is here to cover up the crimes of the agencies and Congress  Impeachable offences, Fast & Furious.