I have run for office three times. I ran for the US Senate in 2008 in the Democratic Party’s primary. http://www.ladner4ussenate.com/index.php

I wanted to run for the House of Representatives in 2010 in the Republican Party’s primary
but the criminal and liar who runs Tennessee’s Republican Party threw me off the ballot based
on a technicality.  http://republicanpartyshaftspatriot.blogspot.com
Oh, the real reason I was thrown off the ballot is that the big money that runs the Republican Party was going to protect their girl Blackburn. http://marshablackburnconservative.blogspot.com By protecting her she didn’t have to spend any money defending her seat. http://lennyladner4congress.blogspot.com/2012/01/money-in-politics.html
I also ran in 2012 as an independent.


Lenny Ladner


I’m not a politician

I actually work for a living.

I’m Just an ordinary guy.
I have been self employed for almost 30 years.

I own and operate an eighteen wheel big rig. My small business experience includes owning a janitorial supply company a wholesale baked goods business. a limousine and before that I worked in the financial services industry and the printing industry.

I’m a graduate of The Rochester Institute of Technology and unlike the current occupant of the White House.  I have no problem proving that I not only attended that fine institution but I graduated Cum Laude with a B plus average.

Oh, yes I was born in New York City.  I hope that makes me a citizen of these United States.
And I have a birth certificate to prove it.

I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs.
How many politicians can say that and mean it?
I wonder how many can pass a random drug test???
Now I wonder how many members of them are green card aliens???