Lenny Ladner For Congress

Seventh District of Tennessee

Libertarian Party Candidate

With the exception of entitlements,
I will vote NO on any bill that
Increases the size, cost,
Extends the reach and
Power of the government.


I will VOTE NO on any bill that

The size, cost, reach & power
of government!

If you have three dollars. You can copy this template and produce some business cards.

If you can’t do either of the above.  I'll send you a bumper sticker.  Please send a stamped self addressed envelope to:

Lenny Ladner   20 W. Main St.  #136, Hohenwald, TN.   38462

If you agree that we have too much government please promote my campaign any way you can.  Put up a hand painted sign.  Something like:
“Vote for Lenny. “       

“I wish I could vote for Lenny”    

and please put in the web site,  www.vote4lenny.com.

If you have some money and want to help I have a generic commercial.  This commercial will be endorsed by me and have the name of the individual or business that is sponsoring the commercial.  The party who will pay to air the commercial on cable networks in Tennessee.

If you wish to donate money.  Well I’m not going to raise any.  Here's why!

Washington's most dangerous agency.

Think about running for office.  Preferably the U.S. House of Representatives.  Your platform should be straight forward and very simple:  I’ll vote no on any bill which would expand the Size, Cost, Reach and Power of the Government.                     So it doesn’t matter if you run as a Democrat a Republican or an independent or third party
If you are committed to voting no on everything you don’t need to know anything.
Our opponents don’t know anything either.  But they’re committed to voting yes on everything!!!!!
By doing so they are giving us total government.  Total government is a totalitarian dictatorship where every phase of your life will be regulated by the government.  Is that what you want???


If you live in the Seventh Congressional District in Tennessee Vote for Me!

What You Can Do To Help Yourself and our country:


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